1. Dale Black
  2. Tom Borner
  3. Russ Boyd
  4. Teddy Breedlove
  5. Curt Brown
  6. Jason Conn
  7. Jeff Curry
  8. Joe Egan
  9. Matt Graver
  10. Todd Harper
  11. Jason Hochre­iter
  12. David Jack­son
  13. Patrick Linn
  14. Kyle Lit­tle
  15. Lenny Lucas
  16. John McDanel
  17. Jason Miller
  18. Dale Moss
  19. Chas Narne
  20. Joey Per­shina
  21. Dan Rabe
  22. Derek Rea­ger
  23. Mike Scalam­ogna
  24. Don Split­stone
  25. Peter Tar­nawskyj
  26. Fin­ley Wills
  27. Zachary Wills


  1. Amanda Barry
  2. Amber Black­wood

Tom Borner Tom Borner
Res­i­dence: McDon­ald, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Road, Cyclocross, Moun­tain (XC)
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 4, CX: Cat 4 XC: Cat 3
Years with Koe­les: 3

Best Results:

2015 Amish Coun­try Roubaix 100k Men’s Open 5th
2015 ABRA Greene County Road Race Cat 3/4 1st
2014 ABRA Appalachia Vis­ited Road Race Cat 4/5 1st

About: I’m a big fan of smooth roads, 80’s syn­th­pop, not-so-smooth roads, slow 80’s cars, rid­ing bikes really fast, pizza, and the oxford comma.

Teddy Breedlove Teddy Breedlove
Res­i­dence: Gib­so­nia, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Moun­tain (XC)
Cat­e­gories: XC: Cat 2
Years with Koe­les: 1

Best Results: Hope to get some good results this year!
About: I mainly stick to the trails and always love a good climb. I’m the old­est of 7 and dri­ving the sprinter van is my spe­cialty.

Curt Brown Curt Brown
Res­i­dence: Pitts­burgh, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: All-around
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 4, CX: Cat 3, XC: Cat 2 Cat 4
Years with Koe­les: 2

Best Results:

2013 ABRA road race series Cat 5 1st over­all

About: Really like gravel races although I’m no good at them. Mainly a roadie, dab­ble in CX, like to go down­hill real fast, hate climb­ing.

Jeff Curry Jeff Curry
Res­i­dence: Robin­son Twp, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Cyclocross, Moun­tain (XC,ST)
Cat­e­gories: CX: Cat 3, XC: Cat 2, RD: Cat 4
Years with Koe­les: 5 *

Best Results:

11/22/2014 ABRA South Park CX Cat 3/4 3rd
10/5/2014 M.O.M Brady’s XC Sport 3rd
6/16/2013 Brady’s Run XC Chal­lenge — ABRA MTB #2 Cat 2/3 3rd
11/19/2011 ABRA Lit­tle Wash­ing­ton CX Cat 4 2nd (recorded 1st due to a DQ)

About: Fan of short, fast, mainly dirt-based events yet ride road a lot for fit­ness and fun. I raced BMX when I was a kid and didn’t back get into rac­ing until 2010. Prior to rac­ing, I had short stints in col­le­giate ten­nis and down­hill ski­ing, played in the Pitts­burgh Golfers Tour and played USA Vol­ley­ball. I’m a hus­band and dad of two young-ins that I wouldn’t trade for any­thing. Referred to as ‘JC’ by some. Self pro­claimed plant based foodie. Love peanut but­ter and dark choco­late.

Jason Hochreiter Jason Hochre­iter
Res­i­dence: Pitts­burgh, PA (East End; Squir­rel Hill)
Spe­cial­i­ties: Cyclocross, Road (crit), Moun­tain (XC)
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 3, CX: Cat 3, XC: Cat 2
Years with Koe­les: 3

Best Results:

2014 ABRA West Penn­syl­ginia Cyclocross Cat 3/4 2nd
2014 ABRA Franklin Cyclocross Cat 3/4 5th
2013 ABRA Fort Clas­sic road race Cat 4/5 2nd

About: Played col­lege ten­nis before rac­ing bikes (had a wicked inside-out fore­hand). Played gui­tar in a Chris­t­ian rock band before mov­ing from Lin­coln, Nebraska to Pitts­burgh. Love banana bread.

David Jackson David Jack­son
Res­i­dence: Coraopo­lis, PA (native of Hol­l­i­days­burg, PA)
Spe­cial­i­ties: Recre­ational road, gravel, and fat bik­ing
Years with Koe­les: 4

About: When not spend­ing time on one of his bikes or work­ing as a civil engi­neer at Michael Baker Inter­na­tional, Dave enjoys spend­ing time with his wife, Abby, and daugh­ter, Lucy. Dave also enjoys Pitts­burgh sports, craft beer, and participating/serving at his local church.

Patrick Linn Patrick Linn
Res­i­dence: Pitts­burgh, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Road
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 5
Years with Koe­les: 1

Best Results:

4/4/2015 Mor­gan­town Road Race Cat 5 2nd
4/11/2015 Greene Coun­try Road Race Cat 5 3rd

About: I was a for­mer Auto racer, rac­ing open wheel cars and sports cars around the coun­try in the Grand Am series and Mazda Road to indy series in both USF and Pro Mazda. I own PRL Motor­sports, a high per­for­mance car man­u­fac­tur­ing and instal­la­tion facil­ity ( I Love rac­ing cars and rid­ing bikes! Im work­ing toward becom­ing a cat 3/4 racer and i hope to place in the races to come!

Lenny Lucas Lenny Lucas
Res­i­dence: Bald­win, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Com­mut­ing, Road (Climber), Cyclocross, Mtn (XC, Enduro, Ultra), BMX, Down­hill
Cat­e­gories: CX: Cat 4, Mtn: Cat 3, BMX: Begin­ner, DH: Begin­ner
Years with Koe­les: 2

Best Results:

2014 Month of Mud Series Sport 3rd over­all
2014 Big Bear Ultra Lite Sport 3rd over­all
2014 Big Bear XC Sport 3rd over­all
2007/2014 Grass Roots Rac­ing Sprint Series Over­all 1st over­all

About: Each year I try to focus on a dif­fer­ent type of race or dis­ci­pline, with com­mut­ing and MTBing being the back­bone of my unstruc­tured cycling work­out rou­tine. I used to train in a very reg­i­mented man­ner for Iron­man dis­tance triathlons, but have since focused more on adven­ture races and skill-based rid­ing in the past few years, includ­ing rac­ing for the first time in Enduro, BMX and DH for­mats. My girl­friend Amber rides for Koe­les and does most of these same dis­ci­plines to a lesser degree. Fac­toid: The copi­ous venues and oppor­tu­ni­ties to ride bicy­cles in vary­ing ter­rain and dis­ci­plines was a major decid­ing fac­tor between mov­ing to Pitts­burgh and stay­ing in the state of Cal­i­for­nia after grad­u­at­ing from school.

Joey Pershina Joey Per­shina
Res­i­dence: McDon­ald, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: All-around, Tri-athlon
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 4, CX: Cat 5, XC: Cat 3
Years with Koe­les: 3

About: Favorite race — Hilly Billy Roubaix! Race goals — repeat in the duo cat­e­gory at Hilly Billy/ win a triathlon/ place top ten in MoM sport class points series. Nick­name — chu­pacabra (ask curt or tom).

Dan Rabe Dan Rabe
Res­i­dence: Sewick­ley, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Road
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 5
Years with Koe­les: 3

Best Results:

2014 ABRA Appalachia Vis­ited Road Race Cat 5 1st
2014 ABRA Fort Clas­sic Road Race Cat 5 3rd
2014 ABRA Tour of Tucker County Road Race Cat 5 3rd

About: Enjoy fun rides around Sewick­ley with team mem­bers, like big hills and the com­radery of the group rides…cookie mon­sters after rides.

Derek Reager Derek Rea­ger
Res­i­dence: Pitts­burgh, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: All-arounder
Cat­e­gories: RD Cat 4, CX Cat 3, MTB Cat 3
Years with Koe­les: Since 2010

Best Results:

2010 Creek Cross Cat 4 1st
2010 ABRA Kick­off Cross Cat 4 2nd
2010 ABRA Tour of Tucker County Cat 5 2nd

Some­thing you may not know about Derek: I lived in Nairobi Kenya for about 2 years from 1989–1991.

Mike Scalamogna Mike Scalam­ogna
Res­i­dence: Bald­win, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Road
Cat­e­gories: RD: Cat 5
Years with Koe­les: 3

Best Results: they’re com­ing this sea­son!
About: I’m a for­mer strength ath­lete turned cyclist and I have a thing for steel bikes.

Amber Blackwood Amber Black­wood
Res­i­dence: Bald­win, PA
Spe­cial­i­ties: Moun­tain, cyclocross, triathlon, all-around
Cat­e­gories: RD:04 TK:04 CX:04 XC:03 DH:03 MXDS:03 OT:03
Years with Koe­les: 1

Best Results:

2014 Month of Mud series Women’s sport 3rd over­all
2013 Month of Mud series Women’s sport 2nd over­all

About: I am study­ing Behav­ioral and Com­mu­nity Health Sci­ences at the Uni­ver­sity of Pittsburgh’s Grad­u­ate School of Pub­lic Health. I am also a rogue triath­lete, con­verted moun­tain biker.

* denotes orig­i­nal mem­ber