The road to Mt. Davis


2 words — beau­ti­ful and brutal…my Garmin was basi­cally use­less though due to bad way­points so I ended up not mak­ing the right turn off of Ft. Hill Rd. (to Green Rd.) and ended up com­ing to a bridge out by the trail.  Luck­ily I did because I went way out of the way.  Cir­cled back (start­ing with a delight­ful cat 3 with cin­ders) and just took Mt. Davis Rd all the way instead.  The first part of that road from 523 is nicely paved (cat 4).  Ran into a dog off lease about 1/2 way between 523 and Mt. Davis.  Luck­ily, I just started a descent.  Came back that way and, luck­ily, he wasn’t there.  I had my car­bon hand pump in hand and ready to swing away if needed…was kinda freaked out at that point cuz it’s like ghost­land out there.  Winds were bru­tal on the return, and, because of that ini­tial wrong turn i made, my legs were done.  Prob­a­bly could have used less gear­ing but, regard­less, I resorted to get­ting a few drinks at that lucky dog cafe, drop­ping some air pres­sure from the tires and rid­ing 10 miles of trails from Con­flu­ence.  Part of my goal was to do it for fit­ness and part was to enjoy it and take some pix along the way…7300 ft. of climb­ing and stop­ping numer­ous times to cuss out my Garmin made the lat­ter a bit chal­leng­ing at times.  :)  Sugarload-sugarloaf climb is nice.  Great sur­face for climb­ing even though the descents were kind of hairy with the amount of cin­ders on the roads…had to keep in mind that I had no bail-out plan!

Glad I did it.  Time to eat. :)
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