Ride classifications

The fol­low­ing ride clas­si­fi­ca­tions can be used by by club mem­bers to help rid­ers deter­mine what rides are best suited for his/her capa­bil­i­ties.
Speed Rat­ing Ter­rain Rat­ing
A 19+ mph Road / 16+ mph gravel / 10+mph MTB 

Advanced pace, few stops

1 Hill mania. Hills, hills, and more hills.  At least 100 feet of climb­ing per mile aver­age.
B 17–19 mph road / 14–16 mph gravel / 9–10 mph MTB 

Vig­or­ous pace, occa­sional stops

2 Some long and/or steep hills
C 15–17 mph road / 12–14 mph gravel / 7–9 mph MTB 

Steady pace, stops every hour

3 Mostly rolling with mod­er­ate hills
D 13–15 mph road / 10–12 mph gravel / 6–7 mph MTB 

Mod­er­ate pace, fre­quent stops

4 Mostly flat to rolling with an occa­sional hill
E < 13 mph road / < 10 mph gravel / < 6 mph MTB

Mild pace, focus on rid­ing as a group

5 Flat rail-trail with no hills
The fol­low­ing for­mat should be used when post­ing a ride:  <Speed Rating>/<Terrain Rating>/<Distance>
Exam­ple: B/2/55 would denote a 55 mile ride at a B pace with some long and/or steep hills.
1)  Speed rat­ings rep­re­sent aver­age speed for the entire ride.  Var­i­ous fac­tors will affect actual speeds dur­ing a ride such as ter­rain.
2)  For rides posted as an A or B speed rat­ing, the ride leader is not oblig­ated to wait for slower rid­ers if the rid­ers know the route — they may do so at their dis­cre­tion.
3)  Rides posted as a C-E rat­ing are all “No Drop” where the ride leader must wait for the rest of the group after a rea­son­able dis­tance or before mak­ing any major turns.
4)  Group rides may be posted with mul­ti­ple options to suit var­i­ous rid­ing abil­i­ties.  A ride leader must be des­ig­nated to lead each group.  Exam­ple:  B/2/55 and D/2/25
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